Freezer Wire Baskets, Kitchen Storage Organizer Bins for Chest and Upright Freezer, Refrigerator Dividers Containers with Handles - Pearl White (4)

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Package Quantity:4Sometimes, you find: * The food fall out when I open the freezer door. * I want to save my time and money not to buy food everyday, but i do not know how to organize the big quantity foods. * I leave a steak for 2 years in my mess freezer. Perfect to organize your chest freezer and upright freezer * ItÕs open enough to see inside for easy retrieval of an item but closed enough to hold your items securely. * The baskets are good size for freezer, and allow good air circulation, items are kept neatly together. * Quick in and quick out with handles. * Steel construction, sturdy but lightweight. Great for pantry storage. Increased room by 50 to 100% * Strong enough to hold household items like video games, toys, lotions, bath soaps, shampoos, conditioners, linens, towels, laundry needs, craft or school supplies, makeup and beauty supplies and more, in kithen, bathroom, bedroom, classroom, office. * Good enough to store your pet food and toys. * Take out for camping, outdoor shower. * The possibilities are endless!