Freeze Dried Salmon Treats for Dog and Cat, Single Ingredient Salmon Treats with Skin High Protein (Salmon, 2.5 oz)

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: Back to Nature, Free the Animal takes 'Back to Nature, Free the Animal' as its brand concept and energize your pets by natural ingredients, providing the safest and the most natural meals for them.As a California-based US company, our products serve all consumers in the United States and Europe.We provide the highest quality products in strict compliance with local food safety standards.All products are composed of pure natural raw materials, after processing into product, we will also carry out a series of rigorous testing, and maintain our high standards in the packaging. Read more SIMPLE HIGH PROTEIN TREATS Just 1 simple ingredient: Raw salmon treats for your dogs and cats. Animal protein is better for digestion and helpful for gastrointestinal absorption. 100% natural, pure and easy to digest without any added preservatives. Bite-sized morsels are ideal as a reward or treat, or even as a mix-in for meals. Read more FREEZE DRIED TREATS FOR DOGS & CATS Freeze Dried Treats Freeze-dried anything is perfect for easy storage and a long shelf life.The Freeze-Dried Treats are available in 2 kinds of yummy flavors like chicken and salmon. Read more Freeze Dried Chicken CubeFreeze Dried Chicken FilletFreeze Dried Salmon Cube with SkinFreeze Dried Salmon Fillet with SkinCrude Protein (min.)65%65%50%50%Crude Fat (min.)8%8%10%10%Weight3.2 oz2.8 oz2.5 oz 2.1 ozApprox treats per jar280~29020~2360~7015~17