EparŽ Coffee Mugs - Clear Glass Double Wall Cup Set - Insulated Glassware - Best Large Coffee Espresso Latte Tea Glasses

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EparŽ Coffee Mugs - Clear Glass Double Wall Cup Set - Insulated Glassware - Best Large Coffee Espresso Latte Tea Glasses WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BUY AN EPARƒ PRODUCT? YOUR KITCHEN IMMEDIATELY GETS AN UPGRADE! WeÕve got you covered with our wide selection of unique accessories for breakfast, dinner and everything in-between! Empowering entertainers since 2012. WeÕre here to provide you the products you need to turn your kitchen into a place of joy and conversation. Delivering affordable versatile products is kind of our thing, and don't forget about our lifetime quality promise and fancy packaging. Every product you get from EparŽ is an experience that will put a smile on your face and put you in a league with thousands of happy entertainers that came before you! It's a beautiful thing when form, function and durability come together in a kitchenware product you will be proud to own. Expect nothing less from EparŽ. These modern and elegant double-walled coffee and tea mugs offer both utility and aesthetic pleasure. So enjoy your favorite beverages as hot or cold as you like while drinking in the pleasing optical illusion of the liquids floating in air in your cup. Hold them without the handle, they will stay room temperature to the touch. And there is little to no condensation on the exterior of the mugs, so you won't have to worry about mess or damage to tabletops. Made of tough, hand-blown borosilicate glass, these attractive vessels are made virtually without defects, unlike many imitators. They are fine in the dishwasher and microwave so they don't demand special treatment. So don't settle for ordinary mugs, dazzle your friends with these beautiful coffee and tea mugs! Read more Double-Walled Design The elegant double-walled design of these mugs performs both practical and aesthetic functions. The insulation effect it creates keeps beverages hot or cold. And it provides a delightful presentation element, giving the illusion that the liquid inside is floating in air. Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass These attractive mugs are hand-blown artisanal glassware you'll be proud to serve coffee to friends in. They're made from premium quality chemistry-grade borosilicate glass, allowing them to be made thinner and lighter. This glass is scratch and break resistant and is built for everyday service. Condensation Resistant Nothing spoils an enjoyable cold drink more than a water ring on a wooden table. The insulation effect of the double-walled design keeps the exterior of the glass at a steady room temperature. So don't sweat cold drinks, these elegant mugs resist condensation. Coasters not required! Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Our mugs are ready for every day. They're modern and elegant, you'll want to break them out for company. But they are built for regular everyday use, and have no problem going into the dishwasher - or the microwave. You can even leave them in the freezer without damage. They're tough and beautiful. Read more Generous 12oz Capacity There are bigger mugs out there, but we stuck a balance between size and elegant modern design. These mugs have a full 12oz capacity, which is perfect for a fine cup of coffee or tea. And you'll probably want a refill when you enjoy the stunning visual effect of floating liquid inside the cups. What a great conversation starter! Truly a Work of Art These hand-blown mugs combine artisanal craftsmanship with tough premium quality borosilicate glass to create an object that is both beautiful and durable. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and backed by a lifetime promise - so you can be sure to enjoy drinking from them for years to come. Meet the family behind it all! ThatÕs a picture of my mom, brother, and me in 2012. I was 21 years old and she entrusted me with a small loan to start EparŽ. She wanted me to make the best possible kitchen products, and the easiest way to achieve this is with your feedback! It helps me continue to improve our products and provide the best possible buying experience. Be sure to reach out with your questions and concerns because we are here to help. Read more EparŽ Manual Coffee GrinderEparŽ Milk FrotherEparŽ Espresso GlassesEparŽ Double Espresso CupsEparŽ Turkish Tea CupsCompatible EparŽ Products_____