Electric Fly Swatter Racket with Led Light Kill Mosquito Fruit Fly, USB Recharge Bug Zapper with 3-Layer Safety Mesh, Modern White

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Product Specification: Size: 19.29 x 8.26 x 1.25 inches / 49 x 21 x 3.2 cm Weight: 10 ounces / 284g Input voltage: DC5V Shock Voltage: 3000V Recharge Battery: 1200mAH Lithium Battery Charging time: about 2 hours Use time: about 7-10 hours Package included: 1 x Electric Handheld Bug Zapper 1 x USB charging cable 1 x Instruction manual 2 x Fly Swatter Plastic Ê Precautions for use: 1. There is high pressure on the metal mesh surface during working conditions! Do not touch the metal mesh with metal objects by hand or by hand. Do not use it as a toy for children. 2. Do not use in area with flammable gas or liquid. Do not use sparks such as metal to spark on metal nets. 3. When not use, turn the power switch to the 'o' position. 4. Do not rinse with water or wipe the metal mesh with a wet towel. Keep the mosquito swatter dry to avoid damaging the internal electronic components. 5. Please do not hit other hard objects to avoid damaging the metal mesh.