Dog Treat Ball 4.7', Giggle Mentally Stimulating Dog Toys, Interactive Dog Toys Puzzle, Wobble Giggle Dog Ball IQ Capacity 200ML

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Wobble Giggle Ball Dog Treat Toy 4.7 inch Wobble Giggle Ball+IQ Treat Ball+Mentally Dog Stimulation Toys+Interactive Dog Ball+Dog Puzzle Toys The dog treat toy interactive combines the functions of giggle sound and slow food treat to make it more attractive. You can reassemble the food dispensing dog toy according to your specific needs. 4.7 inch Dog Giggle Ball, Noisemaker Can be Removed. The giggle interactive dog ball is a noisemaking ball that will quickly make your dog crazy for it. When the dog mental stimulation toys ball moves, the dog iq toys produces a unique giggle sound that will excite and delight your pups, enticing them into longer, keeping them happy and fit. When dog is afraid of noises, the noisemaker tube can be removed. Read more 4.7 inch Food Dispensing Dog Toy for All Ages. Ball Food Capacity can Be Enlarged. The puzzle dog toys interactive keeps your dog mentally stimulated and physically active while they play. Physical activity from play acts as a workout, keeping your dog physically fit. This enriches the petÕs quality of life and fosters a good relationship between the pet and their parents. If the food is not enough for your dog, you can also remove the noisemaker tube to fill more food. Read more Dog Ball Can play anywhere. To add rope, play outdoor. It encourages plenty of daily exercises and has easy-grip rope, so your pup can pick the dog entertainment toys interactive right up! We design the appropriate size 4.7 inch to avoid large destructive chew conveniently. However, the added rope makes it easy for the dog to grip ball. Dog parents donÕt need to worry fur kids donÕt take the squeaky dog balls back home, when they play it outdoors. Read more WhatÕs in the box? >1.Treat Ball*1 >2.Noise maker tubes*3 >3.Tubes tray*1 >4.Instruction*1 >5.Rope*1 Features: Color: Yellow+Blue Diameter: 4.7inch / 12cm Giggle Weight: 0.59lb / 268g Recommend Food Diameter: ²0.8inch / 2cm Note: Every dog plays differently and, since not all dog toys are created equal, itÕs always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get ruff. Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the dog toys interactive from playtime if pieces begin to break off. 2.17 inch Soft Squeaky Toys (Burger Shape)2.3 inch Squeaky balls (round ball)2.6 inch Squeaky Sports balls7 inch Rubber Squeaky Toys4.7 inch Giggle Treat BallsItem SoundSqueakySqueakySqueakySqueakyGiggleItem Size2.17'x1.3'2.3'x2.3'2.6'x2.6'3.8'x7'4.7x4.7'Total Weight0.27lb0.50lb0.33lb0.7lb0.59lbMaterialLatexLatexLatexRubberABSHardnessVery SoftVery SoftVery SoftModerateHardRecommeded Dog SizePuppy/Mini/Small BreedsPuppy/Mini/Small BreedsSmall/Medium BreedsMedium/Large Breeds All Dogs