Dog Nail Clippers, Professional Pet Trimmer LED Light USB Rechargeable Animal Nail Debris Storage Build in Grinder Anti-Slip Handles for Small

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Love Pet Nail Clipper, Love My dog!Extraordinary Trimming Experience, Pet Nail Clippers Offered. dog nail clippers designed not only beautifully but conveniently. The strong and white body offer a reliable and durable impression that make you be a fan of it immediately. The anti-slip handles made by ABS material provide you a real and cool touch and the sharp stainless steel blades make you cut the excess nail of pets off quickly without much effort.Excellent Operation Provided, Pleased with You.Push the switch to'ON',that is,turn on the LED lamp,which is convenient to observe the nail blood line position of the pet.Put the pet's fingernails intoÊthe scissors,Êand see theÊblood line clearly through theÊlight irradiation.Then cut itÊoff gently and precisely NailÊdebris will be contained in aÊtransparent cover.After using nail clippers toÊcut the nails, you can polish the nails with the built in grinder to make the nail head smooth.Rotate and open the nail storage cover to clean up pet nail debris and clean the cover with a dry softÊcloth or a small brush.SpecificationÊPower Input:ÊDC5VBattery capacity:170mAhSize_146(L)*47(W)*23(H)Material:ÊABS/stainless steelÊListÊof standard accessories:NailÊclippers_x1Charging line: x1Instructions: x1Notes:This product is specially designed forÊpet nailsÊandÊcannotÊbe used for otherÊpurposes.AfterÊusing nail clippers,Êclean them with a cleanÊSoftÊcloth or a small brush.ÊProducts cannot be washed with water but can beÊdisinfected with alcohol.Keep it out of the reach of children toÊpreventÊchildren from injuring themselves.OnlyÊDC5vÊchargerÊisÊallowed for charging.