Dog Bed for Small Medium Dogs & Cats Pet Rectangle Sleeping Lounger Soft Washable Pet Cats Self Warming Bed with Anti-Slip Bottom

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1 Pack 55'x39' Large Dog Pee Pads2 Pack 55'x39' Large Dog Pee PadsPet Bathing GlovesInteractive Dog/Cat Toys BallInteractive Dog/Cat Toys BallInteractive Dog/Cat Toys Ball Pet Hair Removal ToolPet Bathing GlovesDog Pee PadsDog Chew Toy-YellowDog Chew Toy-Green2 Pack Dog Pee Pads for Small Breed Your Furry Friends Own Place Just like human, our furry friends also love good, comfortable beds. A dog bed is a place where your dog can be the master of their domain.Why not give him a place of his own_ Order Your Furry Friends Bed Now for Deep, Peaceful Sleep! Warm Tips-Dog bed was compressed into shrink wrap when shipped, please use both hands to pat the four sides of the dog bed, and wait for half an hour,let it recover original shape. Why do you need a dog bed? _Premium comfort for your furry friend _Keeps them off the furniture _Promotes your dog's health _Makes cleaning easy Read more Washing suggestion We suggest hand washing,if you wanna use machine washing,you need to use the laundry wash bag,please simply wash in a cold, gentle cycle separately (no bleach).Please note that you must use the low heat.After the airing, pat the dog bed gently to avoid the cotton gathering. Great gift for your furry friends Calming Bed is the best gift for your furry friends.Buy a dog bed for your small dogs which is the beginning of a surprise.Love your furry friends and give them the best. Non-Skid Bottom Our cat and dog bed have durable dotted fabric to provide desired stability, perfect for your cat, or dog. Read more Suitable for small and medium dogs and cats weighing less than 15 pounds! Read more Read more