Dimmable Touch Bar Lights Wall Mounted Reading Light Wireless Stick on for Bunk Bed Headboard Closet Makeup Vanity Mirror Rechargeable Battery Powered

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Dimmable Touch Light Bar. Rechargeable, Rotatable, Mountable, Stick on Anywhere Reading Light. WhatÕs in the box? 2 x Dimmable Touch Bar Lights2 x 4.6ft USB cable4 x magnetic mounts with 3M stickers on them (2 for use, 2 for substitution)4 x extra 3M stickers (for substitution)1 x user manual1 x stylish package (perfect gift for bookworms) Friendly Reminder: For optimal performance, be sure to fully charge the light before first use. We recommend charging over night before using to active better battery life. Night Falls? Enjoy in These Dimmable Touch Lights for Bed. Perfect for reading and studying. Durable and portable size makes it ideal for anywhere you need extra light to stick on like bunk bed, headboard, closet and under cabinet. Trying to read in the dark or dim lighting can be bad for the eyes, causing strain and leading to headaches and other problems. Stick on reading light for bed can make all the difference, like these models which are designed to be mounted or attached to the headboard behind you. They provide plenty of light for reading books and magazines, without disturbing anyone else beside you. Touch Control Ð Slightly touch. Rechargeable Ð Rechargeable 2000mAh battery. Dimmable Ð 3 Brightness Levels touch control. Rotatable Ð Aim the LED bar up and down in the direction, expand the scope of illumination. Mountable Ð Easy installation and removable. Read more With super strong adhesive taps, stick on anywhere you want such as bedside, bunk bed, headboard and closet without any drilling and tools. Features a 90 degree rotation design, easier to adjust the angel up and down in the direction you wish, expand the scope of illumination. The lamp can be removed easily from the magnetic mount and it can be used as a portable light. The advanced anti-glare LED panel reflects the 4000K CCT light sideways to minimize glare and eyestrain. Enjoy a soft light beam, which is perfect for meeting the needs of various scenarios and provides more comfortable environment. Ideal for reading and studying. Provides 3 levels of brightness by slightly touch the sensor switch(on/off). Fully charged in 4 hours and the wireless rechargeable bar light can be used for 3-48 hours (depends on the brightness level set). 48 hours on low mode10 hours on moderate mode3 hours on high mode Read more Headboard Light Closet Light Wall Reading Light Read more dimmable touch light bar (1 pac)dimmable touch light bar (2 pac)dimmable touch light bar (2 pac)dimmable touch light bar (1 pac)dimmable touch light bar (1 pac)dimmable touch light bar (2 pac)Color6000K White4500K Warm Mixed White6000K White4500K Warm Mixed White4000K Warm4000K WarmPower Source2000mAh battery2000mAh battery2000mAh battery2000mAh battery2000mAh battery2000mAh batteryRechargeable______SwitchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchTouchInstallationMagnet & Stick onMagnet & Stick onMagnet & Stick onMagnet & Stick onMagnet & Stick onMagnet & Stick on