Cute Hand Drawn Colorful Cats Oven Mitts Cute loves & Kitchen Counter Safe Mats for Cooking BBQ Baking rilling

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Cute Hand Drawn Colorful Cats Print Oven Mitt 2 Pcs Set.Excellent Heat ResistanceOur oven mitts offer the extreme heat resistance due to its thick pure cotton lining. It can effectively prevent you from being scalded when cooking, baking or grilling.Professional Kitchen MittensYou can use these oven mitts to retrieve a pie from your oven and remove pot lids withoutpainful burns and scalds. Perfect for you to enjoy your cooking & baking time!Multi-purpose use potholderUse to hold hot pots, pans, plates, bowls and trays, and also place any hot item straightfrom the stove top, microwave or oven onto the pot holder.Make the most of your imagination using it.Package Including2 Oven Mitts 5.9 '' * 11 ''