Cows Eating Lush Grass on The Green Field Double Oven Mitt, Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Potholders 7.5 X 35 Inches for Kitchen Cooking Backing

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Size:One SizeÊ|ÊColor:Cows Eating Lush Grass Double Oven Mitt Heat Resistant Pot holder Double Oven Gloves for Kitchen Cooking Backing Microwave BBQ Handling Hots and Pans Specifications: Size: 35x7inch Material: polyester and needle cotton, the material is environmentally friendly and healthy Perfect Design The printed pattern on the double oven mitt is very personalized, you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen decoration style, not only for your own use, but also will a great choice for giving away. Heat Resistant : Our Oven Mitt can protect your hands from heat,allowing you to safely remove dishes from the oven and hot pots from the stove.Compared with heat resistant oven mitt, double mitt saves the progress of wearing and taking off. It will be more useful when you need a heat resistant tool immediately. Occasion: Our oven mitt are suitable for various occasions, such as kitchen ovens, microwave ovens, hot pots, BBQs, hot dishes, etc.It can play its great use.