Cotton Halloween Holiday Dish Towels, 18x28' Set of 2, Decorative Oversized Kitchen Towels, Perfect Home and Kitchen Gift-Witch Hat

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Cotton Halloween Holiday Dish Towels, 18x28' Set of 2, Decorative Oversized Kitchen Towels, Perfect Home and Kitchen Gift-Witch Hat Get Ready for a Holiday Feast and Tackle Kitchen Works with Holiday Dish Towels Holiday Dish Towels are must-own kitchen essentials for every household. Dish Towels come tied in a set of 2 and have a festive design which makes them perfect not only for holiday but also for everyday use. These dish towels are functional and decorative, own a set to help you put up a Holiday joyful atmosphere in your kitchen 's holiday dish towels are strongly constructed which makes them a long-lasting every day essentials. Our holiday dish towels are perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Holiday Dish Towels comes in varies designs coordinate well with our Apron, simply search Holiday Dish towels you'll find different collections, own them right now! Great kitchen Essential for Ever day Use 100% Cotton Dish Towels are ultra-absorbent, durable and handy for mopping up in the kitchen or anywhere else a spill may occur. Fast drying towels produce minimal lint and are great for drying dishes and glasses, as well as for general kitchen duty. With each wash, these towels become more absorbent, helping to clean up even the biggest. These dish cloths coordinates with most kitchen decor, makes a great basic kitchen essential with multiple colors for your choices to mix and match with your home and kitchen. Quality you can rely on dishtowels are made with high quality 100% cotton with tight knit allow for less lint on your glass or plates. The perfect dishtowel for your daily kitchen use for holding up to your tough kitchen grease, dirt, food and more. The material and construction provides a long lasting dish towels/dish cloths that you can use over and over again. Washing and Care Instructions: ? Wash towels before first use. Towels will lose an'y lint remaining from the weaving process, and will become softer and more absorbent after washing. ? Wash: Use Cold water, Color Separated; DO NOT use bleach ? Do not use fabric softner (coats the cotton fibers causing towel to become less absorbent) ? Dry towels in Tumble cycle to minimize shrinkage. ? May be ironed with low heat. So Many Great Options To view our entire selection of options search: Dish Towels or visit our brand page at for a full range of products. Our Dish Towels/Dish Cloths Products Include: ? Barmop Dish Towels/Dish Cloths ? Printed and Embroidered Design Dish Towels ? French Stripe Dish Towels ? Assorted Dish Towels ? Gourmet Dish Towels/Dish Cloths ? Damask Dish Towels ? Zig Zag Weave Dish Towels/Dish Cloths ? Holiday Dish Towels/ Jacquard Dish towels ? Terry Dish Towels//Dish Cloths