Cleaning Roller Refill (1 pack) for Pet's Hair Removal & Household Cleaning Great for Dog and Cat Hair

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Our roller come with 50 sheets of refill pre-installed, it has two tone sticky tape helps to identify where to start peeling first. When the tape is finished, just pull out the empty and roll of the new one, you are good to go! Easy to peel! New design for the peel tape has two tone color, allow you to access to peel off when you finished a sheet of tape! Read more Read more Pet's Hair, No Problem!!! Every puppy and kitty has their own places to sleep or even ÒmeditateÓ those spots collect pet hair like credit card collects your interest rate, it just wonÕt stop. With our roller youÕll be able to pick-up your pets hair without needing to bend over or getting down on the floor, and the adjustable handle you can also store it away, great for small spaces. Great for Household Cleaning! Skip the vacuum, use the Cleaning Roller to clean up PetÕs hair, clothing, bedding, carpet, furniture and auto interior Cleaning Roller is also great for cleaning your home without waking up other people in early of the day or middle of the night. Just simply roll with it, and job is done! No More Bending your back! With our adjustable 3 foot extension pole, you will never need to bend your back while doing the cleaning! Our Cleaning Roller has 3 adjustable length for any of your need! Read more Cleaning Roller Refill 1 unit This is 1 packs refill only ( roller does not included ). Top notch quality and great value pack !