Bubble Ball Solar Light String LED Outdoor Waterproof Waterproof Lights Waterproof Crystal Ball Christmas String Lights for Terrace, Lawn, Part

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Color:Warm YellowHow to use solar light string: 1) Use the plug to fix the lamp and make sure that the solar panel is not blocked by other objects, otherwise it may not be able to charge effectively. Fix the lamp string at the target location, such as trees, shop windows, etc.. 2) Tear off the protective film on the solar panel and press the 'ON/OFF' button, the light string can work normally. Press the 'MoDE' button to switch the lighting method. Only by adjusting ÒON/OFFÓ to ÒON state, the light string can be charged. Charge for 6-8 hours in the sun during the day, depending on the intensity of the sun, it can also be illuminated by light. It can be used for 8-12 hours when fully charged. Waterproof and sunscreen, not afraid of outdoor wind and rain, durable in use Product features: It will automatically turn on solar charging during the day when the sun is in the sun and it will be dark. It has a long service life, high temperature resistance and good waterproof performance. Even if it rains outside, you can see romantic flashing lights. DonÕt worry about leakage because of the copper wire insulator. Product application: For indoor and outdoor decoration, room decoration, stage, wedding, courtyard, with flowers and trees, can create a romantic atmosphere Notes: Because the conversion efficiency of solar panels is affected by the light intensity, the continuous light-emitting time of the light string will vary with weather conditions and seasons. Changes based on geographic location and other factors. This is normal. (1) Only when the 'ON / OFF' is adjusted to the 'ON' state, the light string can be charged. (2) The waterproof design of the product is limited to rain and moisture. Please do not soak this product in water for a long time. (3) Do not violently hit or beat the product to avoid damage. (4) One end of the plunger is very sharp, please be careful when using it. Do no