Book Light for Reading Light USB Rechargeable Reading Bed Lamp 36 LEDs, 25 Different Settings Eye Protect Clip On Light with Safety Switch, Touch Cont

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Reading Lights for Books in Bed_Book Light for Reading in Bed Clamp Lamp for Bed Features: Clip On Reading Light Excellent lighting quality: Specification: Capacity_1800 mAh Color Temperature:4000-6500K Wight_250g Light Source:36 LED lights Voltage:5V Charging Time:3-4h Package Size:250*95*120mm Material Science: ABS.Silicone hose Lighting Settings:25 settings=5 Colors x 5 Brightness Runtime: 32 hours of lighting time(low brightness setting) The reading lamp is made of high-quality aluminum, with good heat dissipation and distortion resistance, uniform brightness, no flicker, no glare, and eye protection. The LED reading lamp is a comfortable light that can bring you a warm and comfortable feeling. It is very suitable for reading, camping,painting, work, and study.