Bird Spikes for Pigeon Small Birds, 20 Feet Bird Repellent Deterrent Spikes Stainless Steel Anti Bird Spikes (18 Strips Installed)

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Read more Stainless Steel Bird Spikes VS Plastic Bird Spikes Stainless steel is less visible, as the sunlight can make the metal almost disappear to most viewpoints. The metal won't cause customers' eyes to drift away from the signs the business wants to display, making stainless steel a great choice for businesses who don't want to draw attention to their attempts to keep birds away. Although stainless steel isn't rust-proof, it does resist rust well, creating a strong and appealing appearance. However,the plastic bird control spike is fragile than stainless steel. WhatÕs worse, the plastic material would be getting brittle in the sun as time goes by. Read more Bird Spikes in Different Places No More Mess Physical barriers are the most effective way to keep birds off. Wherever applied; physical barriers eliminate the ability to land and perch. You could install the bird spikes in the garden to keep cats from trampling flowers. It also prevent birds from landing anywhere! Unobtrusive Design Bird point deterrents (also known as bird spikes) offer an immediate and effective solution to rid an area of pest bird species. The spikes can be fitted to most outside surfaces, preventing problems associated with birds landing on ledges and leaving unsightly, hazardous droppings. Multi-functional Bird Spikes Stainless steel bird spikes are an economical solution to keep birds from landing and roosting where they should not. Useful against crows, pigeons, vultures, raptors, do not harm birds. bird spikes act as a deterrent, stopping birds from being able to land. Our stainless steel bird spikes are available in 2 colors. Both options are designed to blend with your buildingÕs color scheme. Read more Physical barriers are the most effective way to keep birds off.