Be Kind Magnet for Car Locker or Refrigerator, 5 1/2 Inch

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Magnets for all occasions! Our History Magnets was created in 2010 by couple of mom entrepreneurs with a vision to make the world a more fun place, one car at a time. Since then there has been a few changes with the team, designers and magnets! We are now located in Covington, Kentucky. It is our mission to provide the highest quality products and service. Change Your Mood, Change Your Magnet Start your collection today! High Quality Art in custom-die cut shapes make the best way to let your magnetic personality show. A variety of shapes and designs are available to have a fully decorated home or car, including rounds, rectangles, eggs or even legs! A Magnet for all Occasions! Keep your car festive with a variety of magnets. From Christmas and Hanukkah, to Halloween, Thanksgiving or birthdays! Made in the USA! That's right, we work hard to keep our prices low and our sources close to home. Read more