Bamboo Baby Feeding Bowl and Spoon Set, Bamboo Bowl with Stay Put Silicone Suction Ring (Blue)

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Color:BlueThe ocean bamboo baby bowl with stay put suction cup is the ideal way to introduce feeding to your little one. The silicone suction base allows for no spills and provides a very strong suction on flat clean surfaces. This ensures little hands won't knock it around or tip it over unlike other bowls on the market. The easy pull vacuum relief tab is childproof especially when placed to the rear and allows for simple removal when required. The spoon comes in matching color with bamboo handle and silicone spoon. These bowls are safe, attractive, fun and allow your baby's mealtimes to be a little less messy than before. The silicone suction cup can be removed when your baby is big enough. Alternatively these bowls can be used for salads. nuts or nibbles. All natural bamboo product and food grade silicone. Eco friendly and very stylish. These drop proof, heat proof bowls are not recommended for microwave usage. Keep them looking new and clean by washing in the sink with warm water and dish washing liquid.