Balance Foam Pad - 2 inch TPE Non-Slip Mat for Fitness & Balance Exercises,Yoga, Physical Therapy, Knee Cushion with Multi Colors

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Balance Foam Pad - 2 inch TPE Non-Slip Mat for Fitness & Balance Exercises,Yoga, Physical Therapy, Knee Cushion with Multi Colors Add Balance Training to Your Current Routine! As we all know, fitness is about maintaining a healthy diet and exercise such as cardio training or weight lifting.Though it might not cross your mind, balance can actually have substantial benefits to oneÕs overall health. Why Ritfit balance pad? Ritfit Balance pad is your perfect tool for balance training.Balance training involves doing exercise that strengthens the muscles that help keep you upright, including your legs and core.ItÕs also the best choice-great way for a challenging workout with it. Training with the Ritfit balance pad can purposefully improve conditional and coordinative abilities in combination, for example, strength, endurance, differentiation, and balance. Suitsble for: Fitness / Prevention Pilates/Yoga Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Club Sports /School Sport Bebalanced Read more Make Your Workout Fun Balance pad is easily added to many exercises such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, pushups and planks. Without a stable surface, one must rely on oft-neglected muscles in the feet to remain standing. This seemingly simple move actually requires many muscles to work together, from the foot up to the abs. Read more Versatile Physical Therapy Equipment Balance pads are often used in physical therapy because the thick, non-slip foam surface provides a relatively safe and painless support for weak joints. Those who have been off their feet due to injury and now have atrophied muscles can use the pad to gradually build up large muscle groups. Read more Multiple Uses It can be used as a seat cushion, a knee pad for doing work,a comfortable mat for sitting on the floor, a foot pad for standing desks, as a meditation pillow, or for making yoga poses more challenging. Read more High Quality TEP Material Made of high quality TPE material, which is soft and durable for long-term use, achieving the perfect combination of soft and firm. Suitable Size 15.5ÓL x 13.5ÓW x 2.2ÓH is enough for your balance training, lightweight and portable, easily to stash into your gym bag for a free practice at anywhere and anytime. Multi colors Choose your favorite colors to optimize workout, and thatÕs just fine! ItÕs a fun motivator to get you up and going, maximizing each and every workout. Easy Clean Innovative non-slip textured surface is water-proof and pre-sanitized.If your products get dirty, clean them with ordinary soapy water. Read more