Baby Shower Decorations for Boy - 52PCS Jumbo Transparent Baby Block Balloon Box with Letters Includes White, Gray and Baby Blue Balloons | Gender Rev

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Baby Shower Decorations for Boy - 52PCS Jumbo Transparent Baby Block Balloon Box with Letters Includes White, Gray and Baby Blue Balloons | Gender Reveal Decor, 1st Birthday Party, Newborn Photos BABY BALLOON BOXES! MAKE AN IMPACT! THROW A STUNNING BABY SHOWER! At the front entrance, on the table as centerpieces or as part of your photo backdrop our BABY Box set makes a novel and cute impact at any baby shower event or gender reveal. Easy to assemble, so go ahead and invite this set of cute boxes, and their removable letters to your next baby shower! Perfect for indoor or outdoor events. SO MANY USES! BABY SHOWER! 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY! MATERNITY PHOTO SHOOT! Read more VERSATILE, STURDY AND REUSABLE! Because weÕve used only the most durable boxes AND easy to remove letters you can use them over and over again! And there WILL be so many things! From the Gender Reveal or Pregnancy Announcement to the Baby Shower and Maternity Progress Pics! Then, youÕve got Hospital Photos, Welcome Home Pics and Christenings or Baptisms and their 1st birthday or Theme birthdays! In fact, anything at all! Simply switch the letters for anything you please (they also make great storage for plush toys!) WHAT'S INSIDE THIS 52 PIECES KIT? Read more DECORATION SET INCLUDES: For starters, donÕt worry about tricky assembly because weÕve included the instructions you need. And second, simply blow your balloons up by air Ð no expensive helium needed! And what youÕll also love is that this is a complete kit, unlike others who leave you to find the balloons and letters to match. 4 Transparent Display Boxes Ð 12Óx12'x12' Cubes 8x White Latex Balloons (10') 8x Silver Pearl Latex Balloons (10') 8x Baby Blue Latex Balloons (10') 8x Blue Latex balloons (10') 4x ÒB-A-B-YÓ letter sets (16 letters total- for all 4 sides of the boxes) Baby Shower Decorations for Boy - 52 Pieces Balloon Box Baby Blocks183 Pieces Elephant Baby Shower Decorations for BoyNeutral Baby Shower Decorations for Boy and Girls- 44pcs Gold Balloon Box BlocksBaby Shower Party Boxes Decorations for Boy - 44pcs Jumbo Baby Block Balloon BoxBaby Shower Decorations for Boy and Girl - Gender Reveal 40pcs Baby Balloon Box# in Set52 Pieces183 Pieces52 Pieces44 Pieces40 PiecesBaby Balloon Box4x X4x4x4xBalloons 32x20x32x24x20xBox Letters16 (B-A-B-Y)X16 (B-A-B-Y)8 Letters & 8 Characters8 Letters & 8 CharactersPaper DecoratioX16xXXXGuestbookX1 with 50x Heart StickersXXXCake TopperX4 PiecesXXXFavor Stickers X50 PiecesXXXColor SchemeBaby Blue, Blue, White, GreyBlue, White, SilverWhite, GoldBaby Blue, White, Grey, ConfettiPink, Baby Blue, WhiteShower GamesX2x 30XXX CREATING MAGICAL PHOTOS TO REMEMBER- BABY SHOWER, MATERNITY & NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT, 1ST BIRTHDAY OR THEME BIRTHDAY PARTIES! KIT MAKES EVERY EVENT MAJESTIC!