Baby Nest Designs Pink Baby Hangers for Matching Closet Dividers and Nursery Organizer. 15x Velvet Hangers for Baby Clothes

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Baby Nest Designs Pink Baby Hangers for Matching Closet Dividers and Nursery Organizer. 15x Velvet Hangers for Baby Clothes Frustration Free Baby Hangers All parents agree baby hangers that are the wrong size, or too slippery are a waste of time. After all, who wants to pick up baby clothes that keep falling on the floor right? But at Baby Nest Designs, weÕve organized over 500,000 newborn hangers for 10,000 parents just like you with our original clothing dividers and organizer sets. É And now, you can finally have that grippy set of baby hangers youÕve been looking for. With a Grippy, Velvety Finish We all know how baby clothes slip, slide and fall to the ground so youÕll enjoy the velvet fabric on these hangers which grip each item firmly. Each hanger is 16 inches long, and just the right size for newborn to 24 months old. Your set today comes with 15 Pink Hangers. And if you need Grey, we have those available too, just check out the Baby Nest Designs range! Read more HangersDividers/HangersCloset Dividers# Dividers077# Velvet15200# Pants Clips000# Storage Boxes000# Hanging Organizer000Available For Girls___Available For Boys___Available In Unisex___Designs Available277Gift Packaged___ And, Why Not Make BabyÕs Life A Work Of Art with THESE Baby Nest Designs Closet Dividers ONLY If you feel like youÕd rather have a set of stunning dividers AND matching hangers then take a look at our Baby Closet Divider sets, also available here online from Baby Nest Designs. They feature cute hand drawn designs, and you can choose sets with or without hangers. And of course, they match the hangers you see here! Baby Milestone Stickers Babies, and toddlers are messy enough without having their dŽcor a mismatched mess also, Unlike other brands, we like to keep to one proven style. Our Milestone Stickers match our baby dividers AND made from a splash proof (spit proof) finish so they still look crisp and bright no matter what. Baby Shower Accessories For your next baby shower have you considered ELEPHANTS?! Baby Nest Designs is also well known for our Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Supplies, including the latest JUMBO release. We also supply extra Gender Reveal Stickers, and Balloon Garland Kits to really bulk out your dŽcor! And When They Grow From Baby To Toddler to School AgeÉ We have birthday party kits with their name on them! From dinosaur parties to construction or parties for gaming mad kids Party Nest Designs is the next step for parents who loves making their kids life a work of art. Because what kid doesnÕt love a good party theme! Read more