ATDAWN Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar with 24 Squishy Toys

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Are you ready for the Christmas carnival? Are you ready for little gift for kids? Are you ready for counting down the days until Christmas? Are you looking for lovely advent calendar? Then Our advent calendar will be a great choice! This advent calendar comes with a protective cover to ensure it arrives in perfect shape! The 24 squishes toys behind the doors are amazing soft and super good touching feeling, just like a jelly toy. Every day your child will open a new door, signalling Christmas is one day closer. Squeeze the soft squishy to release stress, reduce anxiety, increase focus and blood circulation of hands. This kids advent calendar is also a great way to teach children numbers, the concept of time and the art of patience! Set a time every day to check the squishy toys door, help your child have fun while contributing to the excitement of the approaching holidays, it will be a gift that you'll be so proud to give! Making the countdown to Christmas days more fun than ever! The countdown to Christmas is an exciting time for children, this adorable advent calendars for kids designed with 24 numbered doors behind which small surprises can be hidden for each day. Open a new door each day and find what's waiting behind it, building the excitement to the big day! 24 different adorable mini mochi squishy toys, including little cat, little dog, dolphin, polar bear, chicken, snowman, little rabbit, hedgehog, penguin, elephant, sheep, little bears, duck, unicorns, frog, tiger, pigs, starfish, hippo and on the 24th, there is a Santa Claus! Notice: Mochi squishes are not edible. Please do NOT put into your mouth.NOT suitable for children under 3 years old.If over-squeezed, the paint on the mochi squishes toys may fall off.When they are dirty, these squishy toys could be rinsed with warm water and soap directly or use scotch tape to clean.The advent calendar comes in a protective sleeve with all doors intact, simply remove it before first opening!