36 x 72 - XXL Big Size Premium Stain Resistant Quick Absorbent Waterproof Reusable/Quilted Washable Large Dog/Puppy Training Travel Pee Pad

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Stain Resistant Dog Training Chux/Pads CAREOUTFIT'S WASHABLE/REUSABLE STAIN-RESISTANT PAD comes in a pack of one. This pad measures 36 by 72 inches (XXL). Our Washable and Reusable Pads are convenient to use for both humans and pets. These pads are very absorbent, and can hold up to 6 oz. of fluid per square ft, our pads will not leak through. Our washable chux pads are machine washable and reusable up to 250 wash cycle. The pad is beautifully stitched, diamond shaped and comes in blue on both top and bottom. washable training pads are double stitched on the edges as well to prevent the liquid from spillage. Not to mention our pads are not only absorbent, but are also very soft to the touch and will not cause skin irritation. OUR CAREOUTFIT'S CHUX XXL PADS ARE GREAT FOR PETS OF ANY SIZE: If you want to use this pad for your pet, then look no further. This product is ideal for training a new puppies, dogs giving birth, and/or elderly dogs. Õs washable xxl pads are good to use for crates. Research shows that disposable pads can be easily chewed up by pets that can cause serious digestive issues. The pad is tear free so your dog or puppy will not be able to chew the pad and cause serious digestive damage. These pads are thick enough to prevent pets claws from penetrating through the pad. The thickness of this pad is outstanding. This pad will absorb liquids when the dog is urinating. If a dog has just given birth you can use this pad for both the mother and newborn puppies. THIS CAREOUTFIT'S TRAINING PAD CAN GO WITH INTERIOR OF ANY COLOR OR STYLE: Not only our washable chux pad absorbent, but this pad is very economical, modern and looks pretty. Not to mention, the blue color of these pads can go with any color or tone in a house. You can use this pet training pad to cover up your assets: furniture, floors, rugs, carpets, car seats. WHY CHOOSE CAREOUTFIT'S CHUX TRAINING PAD: Our products are American made with American made materials, heavy metal free is a must have for every dog owner. One of the many reasons Õs washable chux pads will save you both time and money. Disposable training pads can cost a lot of money in the long run and canÕt be used no more than a few times. Plus, a lot of disposable pads use plastic which is harmful to our oceans and the environment. Compared to other brands, Õs chux training pads can uses American Made materials and proudly made here in the USA. YOU ARE GETTING A GREAT DEAL: You will save money in the long run Ideally our customers apply a rule of three when buying this product; one for the floor, one in the laundry, and one on the shelf. Our 's Pads will last longer if you air dry them.