32.8ft LED Strip Lights, Music Sync Color Changing LED Light Strip with Bluetooth Controller + 44 Key Remote Control Decoration for Home, Bedr

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LED Strip Lights Kit You can set your favorite colors and style changes according to your preferences. It can be used for your bedroom, kitchen, living rooms, TV, computer, cabinet, wardrobe. Best choice for your home decoration. Attentions: 1. LED strip must be used under 12V 2. Remote control must be aligned to the Infrared Receiver of the controller 3. Arrow to arrow: The arrow between the remote controller and the strip must be arrow to arrow. 4. The strip lights are not waterproof and are suitable for indoor. 5. Make sure the surface you are going to paste is clean, flat and dry Multiple Control IR Remote, and Phone APP. You can scan the QR code or search for 'LED Lamp' at App Store(iOS user) or Google Play(Android User). 44-Key IR Remote Use 44-key IR remote control, 4 music modes. Make sure there are no obstacles between the remote control and the receiver, and the distance is not more than 20 feet. Wifi LED Controller Receiver This controller can connect two light strips. The connection between the remote control and the control bar must be arrow to arrow. Cuttable Led Strip Lights The led light strip can be cut to the length you need along the mark and linked with the LED strip connector. Read more Music Mode With the built-in microphone, go to the music model and the lights will jump with the rhythm of the music. APP Mic Mode Change to Mic mode on the phone APP, you can sing or play musical Instruments, the lights will flash with the sound. Timer Function Set an alarm clock for the LED light strip, schedule when to turn on and off. Read more Spice your room up Decorate your kitchen or living room as a bar Perfect Christmas lights or gifts, rooms decoration Read more