30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, 33 Bottle and 70 Can

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30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, 33 Bottle and 70 Can LANBO APPLIANCE A professional wine and beverage cooler manufacturer you can trust. With pioneering innovation, user-first engineering and highest-quality materials, LANBO products are your first choice. LW3370B Compressor Wine and Beverage Cooler Store beer, sodas and wine all in one convenient unit with the LANBO wine and beverage cooler. The wine and beverage fridge is perfect for you to keep a variety of beverages on hand for guests. Dual zone offers a more precise and suitable environment for divided beverages and wines. 33 Bottle and 70 Can Capacity 29.5' Wx23.6' Dx34.5' H Dual Temperature Zone for 41-64_ Left Zone and 39-50_ Right Zone Undercounter Built-in or Freestanding Versatile ETL Certificate Approved Read more Removable Shelves The dual zone wine and beverage cooler comes with 4 durable iron shelves and 7 beech wooden shelves, which can hold up to 70 cans and 33 bottles of 750ml standard Bordeaux. Please note that want to load large bottles or cans, 1 or 2 shelves should be removed. Dual Zone Design Set separating temperature for wines and beverage is good for storing with 2 digital control panels. It is easily to set the beverage side with a lower temperature and wine side with a higher temperature with the 2 digital control panels. The temperature range of the left zone is 41-64_,and the temperature range of the right zone is 39-50_. Adjustable Feet Want to put the wine and beverage fridge in the cabinet, under counter or freestanding, it is convenient to fit your desire height with the adjustable feet. Raise the cooler up or down becomes easily. Enjoy Your Collection With the advanced fan cooling system and quality compressor, the running noise of the built-in wine refrigerator has become quiet enough. After finishing the cooling process the cooler will be quiet like other household appliances. Read more Warm Tips 1. Any shipping damages found when receiving the cooler, please contact service team and we will try our best to solve it for you. 2. It is strongly recommended that put the beverage refrigerator on the ground for at least 24 hours without power supply after receiving to make the compressor liquid return to a smooth state. LW3370B Compressor Wine and Beverage Cooler Read more LW3370BLB36BDLB148BCLW28DLW46DTypeWine&Beverage CoolerWine&Beverage CoolerBeverage CoolerWine CoolerWine CoolerCapacity70 Cans + 33 Bottles55 Cans + 18 Bottles148 Cans + 6 Bottles28 Bottles44 BottlesTemperature41-64_ Left Zone, 39-50_ Right Zone41-64_ Left Zone, 39-50_ Right Zone33.8_to 64.4_41-54_Upper Zone, 54-64_ Lower Zone41-54_Upper Zone, 54-64_ Lower ZoneDoor Reversible__Installation TypeBuilt-in / FreestandingBuilt-in / FreestandingBuilt-in / FreestandingBuilt-in / FreestandingBuilt-in / FreestandingDimensions29.5' Wx23.6' Dx34.4' H23.4' Wx23.6' Dx34.4' H23.4' Wx23.6' Dx34.4' H15' Wx23.6' Dx34.4' H23.4' Wx23.6' Dx34.4' H