21171-2 2-Piece Drawstring Gift Bags, XX-Large, Diamond Blue

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21171-2 2-Piece Drawstring Gift Bags, XX-Large, Diamond Blue is an innovative gift wrap solution, that requires no tape-no ribbon and no scissors. Made from 2-ply specialist plastic film, these drawstring gift bags are stronger than paper gift bags with brighter colors and do not permanently wrinkle. Holographic blue finish with a diamond design. The pleated bottom allows the bag to stand up on its own for easy loading. Simply pull the inserted ribbon drawstrings tight and tie in a bow for the perfect presentation. Bonus gift tag included with each bag. The XXL bag measures 25' long x 30' high x 4' wide. Ideal for extra large gifts items and difficult to wrap items including larger toys, full size boots, athletic equipment and larger electronics including laptop computers, printers, speakers, etc. The bags can be turned upside down and dropped over large items to hide a gift that typically would be a real chore to wrap.