2 Pack LED Christmas Lights 50 Counts, for Outdoor and Indoor, Commercial Grade, Aquamarine Light, Green Wire, 25ft, UL Listed

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Why do you choose Christmas Lights_ Because they are designed for protecting your families_even your babies whey they play with Christmas lights. And you can use them on wherever you want_for Christmas tree, party, patio, garden, weddings, holiday decor, etc. Caution: For 3 years installation and use only. To reduce the likelihood of excessive heat and possible damage, use only decorative lamp accessories packaged with this product. Always unplug this product before installing or replacing fuses. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not attempt to replace lamps or modify string. 50 LED Christmas Lights UL Listed Christmas Lights LED Color: Aquamarine. Bulb Shape: 5mm Wide Angle. Wire Color: Green. Wire Gauge: 22 AWG. Voltage: 120V. Bulb Spacing: 6 ines. Total String Length: 25.5 ft. Lighted Length: 24.5 ft. Lead Length: 6 ines. Read more Waterproof IP44 waterproof string lights. No problem when you use them in heavy rainy days. Connected This set can be connected max to 40 string lights on one plug, and is connectable end to end meaning that each string is made with a male and female plug UL Listed Each set conforms to UL listed for indoor and outdoor use and protect your family and home from electric danger by waterproof without gap 2 extra fuses Each set comes with 2 extra fuses for replacements. Read more 2 Pack 50 LED Christmas Lights100 LED Christmas Lights50 LED Christmas LightsC6 LED Christmas LightsG12 LED Christmas LightsType2 Pack 5010050C6G12Base TypeNon-removal sealed bulbNon-removal sealed bulbNon-removal sealed bulbNon-removal sealed bulbNon-removal sealed bulbUL_____Indoor/Outdoor_____Cool to Touch_____ FAQ 1. If one bulb burns out or fails will the rest of the string stay lit? It will not be damaged easily until be artificial.And the rest of the string will stay lit or not that will depend on the position where the burnt bulb is. 2. Are the bulbs removable? They are unremovable, because they are made with a sealed pre-molded bulb to make sure the quality more durable than the removables. 3. Do they blink or flash? They don't be blinking or flashing, and they are only steady on. But there is another product could be tried, pls search B07WPGKM6ZÑÑSlow Twinkle Lights 20 Out of 100 Counts. 4. Can I connect two sets together? This set can be connected max to 40 string lights on one plug.