2 Pack Insect Killer Bug Zapper Indoor, 20W Electronic Mosquito Fly Moth Wasp Pest Killer, Includes 4 Replacements UVA Light Bulbs

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How to use1.Keep opening for 24 hours after receiving the insect killer. It is recommended to use continuously for 3-7 days to achieve ideal results2.You can put the on flat table or hang up by attached metal chain, 1.8-2.2m is the best height. Please ensure there is no big shield before the lights3.As the smell of a human body is more attractive to mosquitoes, please power on the pest killer a few hours before sleeping, turn off other lights in room, close the windows, and leave the room. When you go to bed, you will find there is no annoying mosquitoes.4.One room one at least, covers up to 6,000 square feet.5.Add some small candies or attrtants in the tray, it will be better for attracting fly inserts into the deviceHow to change the replacement bulb1.Open the black grid on the wire side: Press the black grid down to the bottom, and pull it out from the top.2.Take the broken bulb out: Look at the bulb socket, rotate the bulb, when you see the golden bulb plug from the bulb socket gap, you can pull the bulb out.3.Install the replacement bulb: Push the bulb in and 90 degree rotate the bulb. Take the black grid back, then done.Please note:1.If the bulb does not light up first time, may be it is because that the bulb is loosen during the long-way delivery, please open the black grid and rotate the bulb inside for tight conection.2.Please make sure eltricity power disapear completely before any cleaning, repairing or changing replaceent bulb. Normally you need wait for 20-30 mins after take the plug off from the outlet, you can check by using a screw driver with a plastic handle to touch the grid. No zap voice will be safe.What is included2x insect killer device4x replacement light bulbs2x hang metal chain2x cleaning brush1x manual