[2 Pack] Cooking Kitchen Apron, Waterproof Bib Adjustable Chef Aprons with 2 Pockets for Women Men

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2021 New Design! Our kitchen aprons have been designed and improved by designers and are made of more practical cotton and linen. Each link of the cooking apron is very strong, and the capacity of the 2 pockets is also very large, so you don't have to worry about putting too much stuff and letting the apron fall. When you use it to cook, please rest assured to put your mobile phone, kitchen utensils and towels in it! Also, you don't have to worry about your other family members not being able to wear it, because the neckline of our cooking aprons can be adjusted and is suitable for everyone! With the skirt belt, everyone can wear it properly! Cotton Linen Material Our cooking apron is made by cotton and linen fabrics which is soft and nature. It is total different with polyester fibre which is feel like plastic. And our apron is thick enough in 0.5mm make it high-class and durable. Classic Strip Design It is in classic strip design make you elegant and generous and suitable for all kinds of activities : home cooking, baking, barbecue, cutting flowers, drawing, art creation, DIY, etc. You can freely choose the applicable occasion. Reinforced Stitches We use reinforced stitches for all apron interfaces. This interpenetrating stitching can be much better than ordinary stitching methods which makes our apron straps very firm and not easy to break. Adjustable Neck Strap This apron has a fully adjustable soft neck strap, so you can easily ensure itÕs always a great fit even if you share it with someone else. You can very easy to adjust it to fit you in few minutes. Read more 40 Inch Long Ties Our kitchen apron with 40 inch long ties that can wrap around and tied in the front, this apron can be easily altered to fit most sizes. 2 Large Pocket This apron has 2 large front pocket that can easily hold seasoning packets, the meat thermometer, grill slips, and recipe cards, spatulas and any other cooking utensils. Suitable Size This apron is 29 inches long and 16 inches wide. It is suitable for most men and women. If you feel it is not long enough, you can make it longer by adjusting the neck straps. Read more About us is a brand that specializes in manufacturing and exporting kitchen and bathroom products. The quality of our products is absolutely high. Many product experts personally design products, only for customers to have a perfect experience! What will you get? Brown cooking aprons * 1 Black cooking aprons * 1 Read more