1W S14 LED String Light Bulbs, Replacement 11W Incandescent Bulb, 2200K Warm White, 1Watt Shatterproof Plastic Vintage Edison Outdoor Light Bul

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1W S14 LED String Light Bulbs, Replacement 11W Incandescent Bulb, 2200K Warm White, 1Watt Shatterproof Plastic Vintage Edison Outdoor Light Bulbs, Waterproof, E26 Screw Base(16 Pack ) 1 watt S14 LED bulb is 11w incandescent equivalent. You can take it for replacing 11W/15W e26 based globe bulb. Most customers like the brightness of these 1W LED bulbs, because they are more brighter than old incandescent bulbs, and for most outdoor activities, more brighter would be more welcome. S14 outdoor bulbs are well packaged with each light in it's own Styrofoam slot. I wanted something that would look well in a retro bathroom light and these are perfect. Very decorative and perfect wattage. Vintage S14 LED Bulbs Input Voltage: AC 110v-130v E26 Base 1 Watt (11watt incandescent bulb equivalent_ Dimension: D1.78inches * H3.44inches 16 bulbs per Box Lifespan: 30,000+ hours 1w Outdoor Light Bulbs, LED Filament Bulb - (16Pack) Nice warm light, similar to a traditional 11W or 15W incandescent bulb. There is one ÒfilamentÓ per bulb but the reflection in the back of the bulb housing makes it look like twoish! They are very realistic in recreating the vintage look with the benefits of only using 1W of power from the LED! S14 bulbs are great for accent lighting if you desire the look of an old style filament bulb. Plastic outer bulb (not glass) seem to make these just right for outdoor purpose. Waterproof Shatterproof 2200K, soft warm white Plastic Shell_Fireproof Materials_ Save over 90% Your bills of Lighting suitable for outdoor and indoor 100lm, equal to 11watt incandescent bulb CRI: Ra80+ Read more 1w S14 LED bulb IP65 is waterproof. A great choice for outdoor string lights Lovely clear Edison style bulbs. They have a Perfect softness and wattage to them. Not blinding or nausea inducing as IÕve experienced with other bulbs, and they still illuminate every corner of the room! The true colors of my furniture, fabrics, and decor can be appreciated with these bulbs! This was very important to me and the interior design I went with for my bedroom and living room. Many other bulbsÕ light emittance and wattage can actually affect the color appearance of everything within a space. These donÕt manipulate the colors into something theyÕre not. Energy Efficent Energy Efficent:For 48ft patio string light with 15 bulbs, if you use 15X old 11 watt incandescent bulb, they will cost 165w per hour. But for 15X 1w S14 led bulb, they only cost 15w per hour. More import is, this E26 1w S14 replacement bulb is more brighter than old 11w incandescent bulb. S14 outdoor bulbs,They are adopted shatterproof material.Even if you accidentally fall to the ground, it will not break We use LM80 approved LED filament chip, can ensure stable perfermance, including stay cool, no flicker and last enough long as you expected. Read more Wide Application S14 bulbs are mainly used on outdoor string light, wedding decor bulbs, lanterns, front porch light, post light, Sign and Marquee Lighting, sputnik chandeliers, ceiling fan bulbs, vanity light, bathroom lighting, sconces, etc.