15 Inch Garden Reflective Scare Rods 8 Pack for Yard, Upgraded Reflective Spiral Scare Rods Outdoors, Keep Birds Away from Garden Yard

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8 Pack Reflectors Rods with Bells Set Comes to Help you! Forget about harmful chemicals or spikes around your home. Stop unwanted creatures from hitting windows, getting into your garden, balcony and outdoor living area and more with 8 Pack Reflectors with Rods and Bells! When the breeze blows, the bells ring and the reflective slice moves slightly, making it more effective to confuse those unwanted critters. The reflective material, bells create hawk like reflections and noises scare seagulls, pigeons, woodpeckers, and other birds. The Reflective Rods can also be decorative ornaments for your home and garden. When the gentle breeze blows, you can enjoy the inner peace by watching the shining sunshine refracted by Bird Scare reflective rods with bells Package: 8* 15' reflective rods 8* suction cup 8* Bells