(12 Pack) Premium Kitchen Towels (15 x 25 Inches) Cotton Dish Towels, Dish Cloth Set and Tea Towel Set. Ideal For Home, Office, Pool and SPA. Qu

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UNBEATABLE DURABILITY Our kitchen towels are alsoÊincredibly durableÊandÊdense, allowing them to soak up even the biggest messes. You can wash these towels several times, and they will hold up just as well as the first day you used them. No more worrying about buying new sets of towels every few months. The thick and tightly-woven design also allows for the towels to be wrinkle resistant, even after multiple washes. ATTRACTIVE & AFFORDABLE If you hang your dish towels somewhere visible, then you probably want them to match your dŽcor. Fortunately, our dish towels offer choice of colors you can select the one which best matches with your want. We know the drawbacks of cheap and lower quality kitchen towels, that is why we decided to make ours not only high quality, but also affordable to match your daily household needs. LINT RESISTANT Our kitchen towels are large in size, and can be folded numerous ways, giving them unrivaled absorbency and versatility. You can confidently dry and touch up glasses, knives and other dishes without the worry of leaving behind lint. OEKOTEX and BSCI CERTIFIED To offer you the highest level of quality, durability and touch our towels are manufactured from OEKOTEX and BSCI certified suppliers so they are free of harmful chemicals. We care for you and your family. WASH INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVER LASTING SOFTNESS For everlasting softness & durability of towels do not use bleach or peroxide to wash it. Avoid using fabric softeners as it may have harsh chemicals which may irritate your skin. ItÕs recommended to wash it with lukewarm water. Recommended dryer setting is Tumble Dry Low avoid contact with skin care products to help reduce the risk of bleaching or spotting.