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Don't you want to change the bad smell from the kitchen dishcloth you're using now? Frequent washing of the kitchen dishcloth is responsible for invisible bacteria. Don't you want to change the dishcloth of the kitchen that doesn't dry well? The bamboo fiber has a wide surface area and is filled with fine cracks and fine holes, so the capillary shape is very strong, absorbing and discharging moisture quickly, making the dishcloth dry quickly. Don't you want to change the dishcloth that doesn't wipe clean? The natural fine cracks and fine holes in the bamboo fibers make the kitchen clean by sticking foreign substances together. Don't you want to change the chemical detergent that costs a lot to wash the dishcloth? Due to the nature of fine bamboo fibers, foreign substances can be washed away with flowing water, which can reduce detergent costs can be greatly reduced. Read more Use in the kitchen Good Absorption Our bamboo dishcloth wipes out spilled soup or water in the kitchen. Wipe off Dishes The bamboo dishcloth wipes off the greasy dirt in the kitchen with water. Rinse out Easily Our bamboo dishcloth washes well with just water. Read more Bamboo is fast, strong, and durable. Due to population growth, we are consuming a lot of necessary resources. Finding alternative resources has become essential to protect the entire planet. At this point, bamboo is a great alternative resource. It grows three feet a day, even with less fertilizer than normal trees. 3,000 tons of paper towels are consumed every day. We are saving your consumption and helping you use less paper by providing products that can be used longer than paper towels.