10 Piece Nylon Cooking Utensil Set with Holder, Kitchen Tools and Gadgets with Rounded Gunmetal Handles - Black

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Color:BlackAtÊ we know how crucial it is to equip your kitchen with all the right utensils and how time consuming it can be. Jump start your kitchen on the right path to cooking with style with our set of the most common kitchen utensils in one coordinated and convenient set. This deluxe nylon set withÊnylon handles, will add color and taste to your fashionable kitchen. Quit wasting time trying to track down a utensil, keep your set within reach by hanging it from the convenient hooks for easy access or by simply placing them on the counter in the chic cup holder. Cook, bake and grill and achieve just the right texture and taste. Whisk is designed with a silicone over-mold on stainless steel wires so you can blend and mix with thoroughness and keep your expensive bake-ware scratch free. Tong features nonslip good grip handles and a scalloped silicone head to assure you have complete control while cooking, and is equipped with a locking feature that is user friendly by pulling the secure locking ring outwards.Ê will cover your bases whether you are stirring, serving, tasting, frying, mashing or flipping your favorite appetizers, entrees and delicious mains.ÊKeep your kitchen tools matching with COUNTRY KITCHENÕS line of a large variety of stylish and classy kitchen utensils. Ê COUNTRY KITCHEN ÐÊAccessorize your kitchen with convenient cookware, gadgets and sets that combine style, class and a homey touch of downright country goodness!