10 Pack LED Strip Connector for 10mm Wide Non-Waterproof 4 Pin 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights

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Color:10mm Non-waterproofÊ|ÊSize:4 pinFeatures: Applicable light strip: 10mm/0.39in non-waterproof RGB light strip Pins: 4 pins Working temperature: 0~40_ Storage temperature: -20~60_ Easy to install, no welding required Installation method_ Light strip end 1. Open the transparent cover of the connector. 2. Peel off the tape around the cutting line area on the back of the non-waterproof LED strip. 3. Insert the LED light bar into the side of the buckle, and the 4 contacts of the LED light bar are located on the 4 pins of the buckle. 4. Close the buckle firmly with pliers. Extension cord end 1. Cut the required wire length and separate the 4 wires (20-22AWG). 2. Insert the wire into the connector card slot and make sure that the positive and negative poles on the surface of the light strip correspond to the correct wires. 3. Clamp the transparent cover with pliers until it is completely fixed on both sides of the bottom base. Make sure that the metal connector passes through the wire insulation. Package Including: 10 _ Non-waterproof LED Strip Connector( not include extension cable)